Friday, January 29, 2010

Nobody Here But Us Linens

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, the Sunday School classes at my church decided one year that for Easter we were going to make a little mini-movie about the resurrection. We had the whole thing set up on a large lawn outside the classrooms. Our classroom was to be the 'upper room' where the disciples were cowering after Jesus' execution, and across the lawn, placed against the bushes bordering the edge, we had set up a big foam rock acting as the stone sealing his tomb, complete with Roman soldiers standing guard.

I was cast as Peter, a Major Award for a young kid to be sure! I got to be THE disciple, the leader of them all, the guy who Jesus said would be the Rock of his church! Imagine my excitement and pride at being tapped for such an important role!

Now our teacher, who was directing the action, wanted to make sure we were as accurate as possible, and so she noted to me that John's account mentions specifically that John outran Peter and got there first as they raced to the tomb to see for themselves that it was indeed empty. "Make sure you let him get there ahead of you," she said.

"Very good," I thought, my future thespian's instincts already kicking in. Be true to the script--you got it. And so we started the performance--the women bringing Jesus' body to the tomb, the Roman soldiers standing guard, the angel appearing and scattering the soldiers, Jesus Himself emerging from the cast-aside stone--alive! triumphant! exiting stage left!

And then it was my turn. Here I was, acting out one of the most exciting scenes in history--being one of the first people ever to find a man raised from the dead! I played my part with aplomb, squeezing every ounce of incredulity and 'could it be true?' hope-against-hope that I could muster as I ran the short fifty feet from Upper Room to empty tomb.

There was only one problem:

I was much faster than the Apostle John.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is God Mad At Haiti?

I've mapped out the rest of my Resurrection series. There's another 5-7 posts on that coming, the next of which I am starting on tonight. This blog was started with the intention of being a companion and extension of my soon-to-be-released book, so I'm trying to strike a balance between writing too much before it comes out, and too rarely, potentially losing the subscribers I already have. Since it's been almost a week, though, since my last real post, I thought I'd share this article by David Burchett in the meantime.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Resurrection is Go!

Part 1: Resurrection is Go!
Part 2: Nobody here But Us Linens
Part 3: Bring Out Yer Dead!
Part 4: The Dog Ate My Jesus
Part 5: Hey It's Dark In Here!
Part 6: You (Don't) Look Like You've Seen A Ghost!
Part 7: Cha-cha-cha-cha-Changes
Part 8: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
Part 9: Apostle bin Laden
Part 10: Don't Myth-understand It
Part 11: Friday
Part 12: Saturday
Part 13: Sunrise

Welcome back! And thank you for coming back! Please feel free to post comments whether you agree with me or not; it motivates me.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to decide what subject to write about first—there are just so many things I want to tackle. In the end, though, there really was only one thing I could start with. I almost went with a discussion of why anyone should trust anything the Bible says. After all, if the Bible is just a book of fairytales…well then what’s the point of being a Christian, eh?

But there is one topic that towers above all others as the most compelling to me, a topic that “bestrides the rest like a Colossus.” It really must be my starting point, for it is the true foundation of all faith in Jesus. And for me personally, it is the one thing that keeps me coming back to Jesus. It’s what I hang my faith on, it’s what I cling to throughout the many storms of doubt and discouragement that naturally come my way. It’s the reason I call myself the skeptical Believer and not just the Skeptic. Find out after the jump.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Help for Haiti

Please consider giving to a reputable charitable organization to help the Haitians if you haven't already. They really need the hands and feet of God at this tragic moment. I personally strongly recommend Samaritan's Purse as well as Doctors Without Borders.

Pray for those who have lost property, limbs, loved ones, and hope. Pray that they will be strengthened and comforted by the hand of God

Pray for the safety of relief workers, steady hands for the doctors, and orderly distributions of aid.

Pray for those who have lost their lives, that they will fall into the hands of the merciful God and know peace.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Fox and the Hound

This week could not have been a better example to me of why I can't watch the opinion-news (or 'entertainment-news' as I like to call them nowadays) channels.

It seems that anyone who has watched Fox News this week knows about as much about the tragedy in Haiti as someone who's been living under a rock. I've spent the week watching CNN deliver some truly amazing reporting on the scene in Haiti basically 24 hours a day since the quake hit. Out of curiosity I decided to flip over to the opinion channels (Fox and MSNBC) every now and then to see how they were covering it. What I found over at Fox truly astonished me. Over a period of 3 days I flipped over to Fox at least a dozen times and not once....not once...did I see any coverage whatsoever of what's going on! This earthquake was the biggest natural disaster in our hemisphere in an entire generation, and is likely to end up among the deadliest quakes in history, and yet I couldn't find one single solitary piece of reporting whatsoever at Fox News!  (I wasn't the only one who noticed this)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

Welcome to the Skeptical Believer!

I started this blog in tandem with the upcoming publication of my first book, Who's Got God? Co-written with a colleague, it's an honest exploration of faith, truth, and finding common ground with those who see the universe differently.

The Skeptical Believer is all about taking an honest look at faith. Let's face it--all of us have questions and doubts about our worldview no matter what we believe in. My premise is that it's vital to meet these challenges, confront them head-on, and be able to admit that we don't have all the answers. And just as importantly, to never settle for pat, skin-deep cop-outs when it comes to the most profound and sometimes troubling issues of life.  Read more after the jump!