Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is God Mad At Haiti?

I've mapped out the rest of my Resurrection series. There's another 5-7 posts on that coming, the next of which I am starting on tonight. This blog was started with the intention of being a companion and extension of my soon-to-be-released book, so I'm trying to strike a balance between writing too much before it comes out, and too rarely, potentially losing the subscribers I already have. Since it's been almost a week, though, since my last real post, I thought I'd share this article by David Burchett in the meantime.

I came across Mr. Burchett's blog through a referral from one of my subscribers. I read several of his posts and thought his voice was absolutely terrific. He's got a great line in this one which I love: "I want the face of Christianity to be Jesus." Fantastic! We desperately need that in America for, unfortunately, the face of Christianity here tends to be anything but Jesus-like. See my comment at the end of his article for my simple take on the whole Pat Robertson thing. I find it amazing that nobody ever brings up the verses I quoted whenever some fool tries to assign spiritual blame to disasters, be it the Haiti earthquake or 9/11. For goodness sake, Jesus directly refutes the notion that bad things happen to people because they are guilty of some sin or another. Look in the first few verses of John 9 as well...same story! It makes me sincerely question the last time Pat Robertson (or anyone else who believes such things) read through the Gospels.

I ordered one of David Burchett's books, When Bad Christians Happen to Good People. That's a great title and I can't wait to read it. I'll let you know if it's any good.

Resurrection is still GO! and coming soon......

Truth poorly defended loses not its truthfulness;
likewise Falsehood aptly defended loses not its falsity.

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  1. James 1:27
    Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.

    Good article about Haiti.