Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unable to Leave a Comment?

I've received multiple reports over the last couple days of people being unable to leave comments at the end of my posts. I am currently investigating the cause of this. For now, I have changed the commenting system to a pop-up window which *should* alleviate this problem. However, the actual 'Post a Comment' link is extremely small and hard to read, so I am exploring ways of increasing it.

The original problem may be occurring if you have third-party cookies disabled in your web browser, as the Blogger site requires the use of them in order to function correctly. As far as I know, this new pop-up window system does *not* require their use.

Please try posting your comment again, and if you find you are still unable to do so, please email me at with the following information, and I'll get it up:

1) The text of the comment you wish to leave
2) The name you wish to post as, along with your URL. Or Anonymous, if you prefer.
3) Browser you are using.
4) Full text of any error messages you receive, if any. This will help me troubleshoot the problem.

I have seen some other blog writers reporting the same thing, so it may be endemic to Google and get sorted out all on it's own--hopefully sooner rather than later.

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