Monday, January 9, 2012

Selection from "Who's Got God?"

Twelve years ago as my colleague Jordan Adams and I traded deep, lengthy emails back and forth, I never imagined I would one day collect them into a book. I think I've become a much better writer than I was then, and if I was writing these today I would approach the task much differently. When I seriously began to put these letters together, though, I made a commitment not to change a single word in any way, other than to correct misspellings and obvious mistakes of grammar. It was very important to me to present our words honestly and accurately. 

What I'm proud of, however, is that while I may have changed my style of writing, I would change very little (almost nothing, actually) of the substance of what I wrote. I've been through a lot since the days when we wrote our letters, many highs and many lows, but after all that I still believe that "on the third day, He rose again."

Without further ado, a true story of my first profound spiritual experience--the first time I heard God speak directly to my heart. 
From Who's Got God? pp.136-137: