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The Skeptical Believer Podcast

Exploring the challenges of faith in today’s world.

About The Skeptical Believer

The Skeptical Believer exists at the intersection of faith, science, and common sense. In today’s hyper-technological world, it’s only reasonable to wonder what a man who lived 2,000 years ago has to say to us today. It’s fair to question whether a book that was written by ancients who knew nothing of atoms, relativity, galaxies, or even electricity can have any relevance to those of us living now.

SB exists to discuss these types of questions. To talk about questions and doubts many normal people have which are seldom answered or even addressed in church. Ignoring these real questions can cause an intellectually curious believer to fragment their mind, putting God in one half and “real life” in the other, or it cause them to leave the church altogether. And these questions obviously push many non-believers away from faith, into agnosticism or even atheism. But if God is real and is a rewarder of those who seek Him, then everything we can discover about reality will complement and mesh with our faith when properly understood, not challenge it.

Who is The Skeptical Believer for?
– Christians intrigued by science
– Non-Christians intrigued by faith
– Someone who just wants to know what it looks like to be a normal person following Jesus
– People near the border where belief crosses into faith, or the border where doubt crosses into disbelief

If you identify with any of these types of people, then SB is the right place for you! My purpose is to help you move a few steps farther into faith.

Jeremy Seely

Jeremy Seely


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Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

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