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When I first started The Skeptical Believer, it was meant to be in conjunction with the publication of my first book. I originally saw the blog as a supplement to the book, and a way to expand on some of the issues raised in it. Here is the introduction from my first post here:

I started this blog in tandem with the upcoming publication of my first book (details to be released soon!). Co-written with a colleague, it’s an honest exploration of faith, truth, and finding common ground with those who see the universe differently.

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

The Skeptical Believer is all about taking an honest look at faith. Let’s face it–all of us have questions and doubts about our worldview no matter what we believe in. My premise is that it’s vital to meet these challenges, confront them head-on, and be able to admit that we don’t have all the answers. And just as importantly, to never settle for pat, skin-deep cop-outs when it comes to the most profound and sometimes troubling issues of life.

Well, life has a funny way of getting in the way sometimes and now I find that nearly two years have gone by. But wait, there’s more!

I am very excited to announce that, at long last, my book Who’s Got God? is now available for purchase!!!

It can be had at Amazon, Barnes & NoblePowell’s in paperback version, or through in either hardback, paperback, or super-cheap downloadable PDF. In addition, you can request a copy from most brick-and-mortar bookstores like Barnes & Noble. Check out the Google link for you international readers in the UK or Australia.

From the Book Description: Many people today live unexamined spiritual lives, never questioning or exploring their own faith. Whether we’re too busy or just plain lazy, too many of us don’t know why we believe what we believe. Readers of this book will get a glimpse into two active spiritual lives, one Christian and one New Thought, and get an inside look at what drives them to their belief. 

While profound differences do exist, there is so much in common that we can focus on. In an age where reality television is the role model for airing grievances, this book shows how one can be openminded to opposing ideas, see the truth in the other side and even give ground when needed, all without feeling that one’s own cherished ideas are being overthrown in the process. In the end, the question isn’t ‘Who’s Got God?’ but rather ‘Who’s God Got?’

Next I’ll post a sample chapter. Stay tuned!


Truth poorly defended loses not its truthfulness;
Falsehood aptly defended loses not its falsity.